Critical infrastructure is generally not connected to the public Internet. And then, there are too many wrong configurations in productions sometimes just because someone thought that it is a good idea to mine bitcoins on a nuclear weapon facility.

Yesterday Pukhraj Singh did a tweet saying:

So, it's public now. Domain controller-level access at Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. The government was notified way back. Extremely mission-critical targets were hit.

Yup, you read it right, a nuclear power plant was hit, using a static username password combination over SMB. Following the standard Indian Government style about dealing with problems, the plant released a note saying there was no problem. Sadly just denying that there were no issues does not cover up the truth, and today a story on Indian Express confirms the breach.

One another big news, Citizen Lab published a report on NSO Group’s attack over WhatsApp, which points out that now WhatsApp officially filed a complaint in a U.S. federal court against NSO group. WashingtoPost has a detailed report. WhatsApp also messaged around 1400 users who might have been impacted by this attack.

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