Sharing files securely to others over the network is always a big task. Which tool to use? Should I email or SCP or copy it over to some secret server? Onionshare is a solution which fits in most of the use cases and threat model. The tool works on Linux/Windows/Mac OS. You select the files, and then it will give you an .onion URL, using which your friend can download the files, and you can even mark it for a single time download only.

The infosec folks were talking about not using random USB ports to charge your phone for a long time. You must have seen those ports in the Airport lounge or in cafes. Now, the USA government agencies finally released advisories to let the people know that this is a risky step. Do not use any random cable/port to charge your phone. SyncStop is a small USB device that can help if you have to use ports in different places.

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The Intercept is running a series on the Iran Cables leaks.

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