For the last few months, there were no letters from me. My wife, Anwesha is showing COVID symptoms, and the tests came negative. But, her trouble is still continuing for around 3 months now. So, I tried to focus on minimal things.

As I am trying to get back into a routine, I will most probably write much shorter notes here.

On the major news, a 6600 words memo from former Facebook data engineer, Sophie Zhang is giving us how Facebook ignored fake accounts. These accounts mostly represented governments across the world and cause misinterpretation and changed political stories in elections around the world.

Must read

A story on the recent lawsuite against The Internet Archive.

Service to try this week

If you have a Twitter account and want to delete old tweets/dms, you must try Semiphemeral from Micah F Lee.

Book for this week

If you want to discuss any of these topics, hop on to the Freenode server (IRC), and come to the #learnandteach channel. Or you can find me on fediverse https://toots.dgplug.org/@kushal.