In the last week's newsletter, I mentioned the book This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends: The Cyberweapons Arms Race. I hope a few of you already started reading it. This week we have new information about one of the major stories from the book. Apparently, the Chinese teams managed to get the same exploits from Equation Group 3 years earlier (2013) before the Shadow Broker leak. They were happily using the offensive tools against the USA, where the original exploits were found by the US folks only. This story warns us once again about why we should make responsible disclosures. All of the computer exploits can be used against the creator. You can read the wired story with details, or the Checkpoint report for technical details on how did they identify the exploits.

Special read

A story on Gabriel Weinberg and Duckduckgo

Podcast for the week

You should listen to Michael Foord talking to Brian from Test & Code on testing, TDD, and many things more.

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