Resuming this newsletter after 10 months. In between, we had the second wave of COVID in India, the whole family was down with it. And then we managed to move to Sweden. Still settling down.

I kept taking the notes in between for the newsletter but did not send it out. I guess I am in a state now to resume it again.

As a primary story, I would love if you all could take a few minutes and read this story from The Wire and learn how technology (especially big IT companies) is helping the current political party in power to

artificially inflate the popularity of the party, harass its critics and manipulate public perceptions at scale across major social media platforms.

Part 2 of the story is also out. Please share the links with our friends and family. Most people around the world will never believe that these applications exist, and they can actually affect the mass.

If you want to discuss any of these topics, hop on to the Libera.chat server (IRC), and come to the #learnandteach channel. Or you can find me on fediverse https://toots.dgplug.org/@kushal.