Facebook buying Gify is one of the biggest stories of this week. This purchase provides Facebook access to many forums or internal chat rooms or Slack channels, which was not possible for them before. People, who care about their privacy, now have to think twice before using any GIFs from them. Signal also allows using GIFs in their messaging system, but they made sure that it does not break people's privacy. Many users asked this question on Twitter this week and Signal was ready :)

On another big news, US Santa Cruz police used surveillance devices from the military on students. This story should remind you that things don't only happen in Hollywood spy movies. The problem is real, and all of our privacy is at risk.

Meanwhile, NSO changed their product's name, and tried to sell it to local US police departments. Another amazing story from Joseph Cox.

Before you close the email (or the tab on the browser), I want you to read this excellent story on Marcus Hutchins by AndyGreenberg. I found the story very detailed with many previously unknown facts about Marcus, but super personal at the same time.

Sandworm is one of the best book I read in 2019 (from the same) author. If you never read yet, please get a copy and read it through. You will not only enjoy the book, and also learn many new facts.

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