Newsletter from Kushal

Containing random links to read about privacy, security, programming and FOSS in general. Sometimes about life.

I keep reading random things over the Internet, and I feel a few of those will make sense to others too. But, posting those links into the primary blog does not make sense. That is the reason I am starting up this newsletter. I will try to make at least one post every week.

  • Pushing left like a boss In this long series of posts Tanya Janca explains the idea behind application security and how that has to be thought from the very beginning of the development process.

  • Blood money and Gitlab Gitlab said that they are okay to take money from any client, this brings back the memory of IBM doing business with Nazi Germany.

  • Just in case you are interested in connected Urinals, check this tweet

  • The FinFisher malware authors used legal threats against a German newsmedia

Book suggestion

Both book are amazing reads, and full of previously unknown details. If you want to discuss about any of the these topics, hop on to the Freenode server (IRC), and come to the #learnandteach channel.


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