Newsletter from Kushal


You have already seen how bad ICE can go, starting from letting children die, to torturing immigrants. Now, many Github employees started a campaign to make their company drop the contract with ICE. There are now transparent overlay images, which anyone can use in their Github profile images to support this cause.

In the last few days, it also came to light that the Indian Nuclear power plant was not the only target of the cyber attack. The attack also happened against ISRO while the critical Mars mission was ongoing.

Videos to watch

I want to specially mention Rust in Motion video tutorials; I think these are the best online training material available for anyone to learn Rust programming language.

If you want to discuss any of these topics, hop on to the Freenode server (IRC), and come to the #learnandteach channel. Or you can find me on fediverse I am also doing a digital security office hour today (13th November) at 14:30 UTC; feel free to ask any question you have over Mastodon with a hashtag #securityofficehour and tagging me in the question.